Mainhatten Cup 2019

Once more the Mainhatten Cup will take place this june 01 and 02 in Frankfurt at the Saalbau Griesheim venue. You can find all the information about the competition here. For all press members there is an official press announcement.


You can find the results of the cup right here:



You can find a copy of the timetable by following these links:




You can find more information about the hotel here.

The Venue

Even in 2019 Mainhatten Cup will be hosted within Saalbau GRIESHEIM, Frankfurt am Main. The venue has proven ist ability to host the competition during the last years. The building offers athlets and spectators handicapped access, has a nice ambience and a lot of secondary rooms which can easily be used a dressing rooms.

You can find further information about the venue on their Website. To make it easier for you to find the venue please have a look at the how to find the venue guide.

Our Sponsors

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